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Not falling for that

Freedom of Information Department,
Longford County Council,
Great Water Street,

Dear Mr. O'Dowd, Willie O'Dowd Willie O'Dowd Librarian Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland Longford County Library Longford County Library Longford County Library Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3340727

I received yesterday an acknowledgement to my Freedom of Information request of 3rd October 2017. I refer specifically to item "2: eMail archive". I have been requested to email but the practicalities are problematic.

I have asserted in my request as follows in 2(a) which lead to the scenarios outlined thereafter:

I also require a full archive of all emails received from me to addresses which can be sent to me electronically. No delivery failures to any of these addresses were ever received, nor, despite having been requested, was any confirmation of delivery. The natural conclusion here is that they were deliberately quarantined, and that's where the search for them can be focused.

Scenario 1: I've NOT been removed from a blacklist.

If correct, then an email to foi@, as to any other address would not be received. This could be misconstrued as meaning I've failed to facilitate retrieval of the requested archive.

Scenario 2: I HAVE been removed from a blacklist.

This could only occur if my email address is already known, and if so, should not have been asked for. The only way I could email as requested would be if the address has been temporarily removed from the blacklist to allow an email to foi@ to be received. This would facilitate a further false narrative in regard to the blacklist into the future.

I would suggest that it be passed on to your I.T. department that my email address contains my surname without spaces. This is not a common surname, so it could easily be searched for. How vast could this list possibly be?

Had I been a "Murphy" as per your letter of 09th October 2017, then a search might been somewhat more complicated, but manageable nevertheless.

For all of the above reasons, section 2(a) of my request stands unaltered, and I expect full compliance along with all the other points raised without any further intervention on my part.