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Internal Review Acknowledgement 17(82)(A)LCC site.logo undefined Mel McWeeney

Internal Review Acknowledgement 17(82)(A)LCC

Freedom of Information Request Reference Number 17(82)LCC

Dear Mr. McWeeney,

I refer to your letter dated 13th November 2017, which was received by Mr. O'Dowd Willie O'Dowd Willie O'Dowd Librarian Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland Longford County Library Longford County Library Longford County Library Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3340727 FOI Officer on 14th November 2017 and received by me on the 15th November 2017.

Your letter seeking an internal review of the decision in relation to your FOI Request Reference 17(82) LCC, was passed to me in my capacity as Internal Reviewer and I hereby acknowledge receipt of same. You refer in your letter that you enclose a fee which was not submitted and I wish to confirm no fee is payable as advised in the original decision.

A decision on your request will be sent to you within three weeks (15 working days) of receipt of your letter. This means you can expect to receive a decision by 4th December 2017.

In acccordance with Section 19 of the Act, where notice is not given within this timeframe you are automatically entitled to appeal to the Information Commissioner Peter Tyndall Peter Tyndall Office of the Ombudsman Irish Office of the Ombudsman The Irish Ombudsman Office of the Information Commissioner Standards in Public Office Commission Investigates complaints about public officials. 18 Lower Leeson Street Dublin D02 HE97 Ireland (1890)253238 (01)6395689 (01)6395674 (01)6395676 Dáil Éireann The Government of Ireland Kildare Street Dublin Ireland for a review of the matter. This review proceeds on the legal basis that the original decision is considered to be affirmed on review once the specified time for responding to it has expired.

In the event that you need to make such an appeal, you can do so in writing to the Information Commissioner at 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. You should state that you are appealing because a review decision was not made within the time permitted. In that event you would normally have 6 months (after the appeal decision should have been sent to you) in which to make the appeal.

Yours sincerely,
Nora O'Farrell
Senior Executive Officer
Internal FOI Reviewer