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Internal Review Response 17(82)(A)LCC site.logo undefined Mel McWeeney

Internal Review Response 17(82)(A)LCC

Re: Freedom of Information Request 17(82)(A)

Dear Mr. McWeeney,

I refer to the appeal made by you under the Freedom of Information act (FOI) 2014 for review of the earlier decision of the local authority dated 27th October 2017.

In my role as Internal Reviewer I have examined your FOI request anew and have made a decision in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act to vary the original decision on your request.

In considering your appeal I have had regard to your original request, all records relating to that request, the records provided and your appeal letter.

Your original request sought access to records under the following six headings

  1. Report to the Ombudsman
  2. Email archive
  3. Minutes
  4. Board Members
  5. Preclusions

My Nora O'Farrell Nora O'Farrell Fermoyle Lanesboro Co. Longford Ireland 043 3343513 043 3343300 Longford County Council Longford County Council Longford County Council Great Water Street Longford Co. Longford N39 NH56 Ireland 043 3343000 Longford Sports and Leisure County Longford Sports and Leisure Centre Public Sports Facility The Mall Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3346536 043 3346431 1 Longford County Library Longford County Library Longford County Library Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3340727 decision on appeal in relation to the records sought by you in your FOI request of 3rd October 2017 is set out hereunder in the same sequential order as your original request.

1 Report to Ombudsman

Records 1-20 on Schedule of records refers. I am varying the original decision to refuse release of records 8-19 inclusive and grant you access to records 8-17 inclusive (copies enclosed). I note as stated in your appeal letter you were already provided with records 8-19 inclusive.

2 Email Archive

I am advised by our IT Department that a search on email archive requires an email address. As your appeal letter does not include your email address(es) I am unfortunately not in a position at this juncture to have an archive search conducted on the email system.

3 Minutes

Records 22-25 inclusive on schedule of records refers and were released in the original decision.

I am satisfied that all discussions and mentions of you at meetings of the board of Longford Pool Construction Ltd are released as part of your original request

4 Accountancy

Records 26-28 inclusive on schedule of records refers and access to these was granted in original decision.

5 Board Members

A full list of Board Members from 1st January 2012 to 20th October 2017 was provided to you by the original decision maker.

6 Preclusions

I am affirming the original decision as no records are held by Longford County Council stating that Longford Pool Construction Ltd has any authority to deprive you of local representation.

You may appeal this decision by writing to the Information Commissioner Peter Tyndall Peter Tyndall Office of the Ombudsman Irish Office of the Ombudsman The Irish Ombudsman Office of the Information Commissioner Standards in Public Office Commission Investigates complaints about public officials. 18 Lower Leeson Street Dublin D02 HE97 Ireland (1890)253238 (01)6395689 (01)6395674 (01)6395676 Dáil Éireann The Government of Ireland Kildare Street Dublin Ireland at 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. If you wish to appeal you must usually do so not later than 6 months from the date of this notification. Should you write to the Information Commissioner making an appeal, please refer to this letter.

If the appeal is made by you and accepted, the Information Commissioner will fully investigate and consider the matter and issue a fresh decision.

Yours sincerely,
Nora O'Farrell Senior Executive Officer Internal Reviewer Tel: 043 3343513