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The game has changed

The boot is finally on the other foot, and those Whispering classes talking behind hands that thought they would never be found out, have just been called out.

My message to Staff and board members at {% include m/longford_sports_and_leisure.span content="Longford Sports and Leisure Centre," %} coaches at {% include m/longford_swimming_club.span content="Longford Swimming Club" %} and others, is that you will NEVER get the toothpaste back in the tube.

To all concerned, your viscous campaign of writing antireferences about me, which could then be presented to me as supposed complaints about my behavior has been exposed on YouTube.

Those {% include m/ronan_mcnevin.span content="featured" %} {% include m/barry_hall.span content="on" %} {% include m/mary_denneny.span content="this" %} {% include m/peggy_nolan.span content="site" %} {% include m/paddy_mahon.span content="took" %} {% include m/francis_sheridan.span content="a" %} {% include m/dan_rooney.span content="punt" %} that the spotlight would never be switched on. Well tough look dudes, you guessed it wrong, and the torch is shining down on you.

Backstabbers get the protection of the Irish State

And we're not just talking about pathetic local {% include m/padraic_mcweeney.span content="whispering" %} {% include m/janet_mcweeney.span content="classes" %} talking behind hands... We're talking about those in positions of public trust with a brief to uphold social order, and those tasked with ensuring the accountability of these same people to the public:

Local Authorities

... specifically Longford Co. Council in this case, who for reasons best known to themselves, pursued and still pursue an agenda against me.

An Garda Siochana

... who they misdeployed against me as a result of a vexatious phone call made by a culpable local authority figure. Not surprisingly, the attending {% include m/garda.span content="Garda" %} gave a false name.

The Office of the Ombudsman

... who disregarded whatever evidence was necessary so as to cover up the wrong. If {% include m/ombudsman.span content="kangaroo courts" %} are wrong, then why does the Irish State operate this one.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

... who {% include m/data_protection.span content="failed to facilitate" %} the correction of lies and misinformation submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman by Longford Co. Council.


... in the previous and present governments.

What happened???

The board of Longford Sports and Leisure, acting on behalf of Longford Co. Council took a decision to suspend the last three of a valid six month pool membership I had at the facility. There was no basis for this decision besides the malicious hearsay of known {% include m/brian_gorman.span content="backstabbers" %}. No evidence existed. None exists. None could. This has yet to be explained.

System failures

While attempting to find out who or what was behind this, one of the perpetrators, a local official watched my efforts and with a simple phone call, misdeployed Gardai against me as simply and quickly as other mere mortals order pizza. I was informed that I could be arrested if I was seen in the area again, in (or along the approach roads to) a public park.

No details of my supposed wrongdoing was ever given by An Garda Siochana despite persistent requests. The Gardai would never reprimand this local authority figure. The minister's response was a pre-election paper-only exercise.

The Office of the Ombudsman proved abysmal, brushing aside all information and evidence that might vindicate my good name.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner have, to date, failed to facilitate the correction of the false narrative send by Longford County Council regarding me in what has been described as a very detailed report which I am attempting to gain access to.

No local or national politicians contacted showed any sense of outrage, or any urge to help.

Press reaction (or lack of)

We don't have a free press in Ireland. Our media are either state controlled or state controlled by proxy.