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Response to accusations...

Teffia Park,
23 Jul 2012

Dear Mr. Dan Rooney Dan Rooney Dan Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Longford Town Council Longford Town Council Longford Town Council 2014-06-01 Noleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Melview, Longford Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Teacher St. Mels College Longford, Ireland (043) 3346469 (043) 3346905 Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland ,

I read with disbelief and disgust your correspondence dated 19 July 2012. Before going any further, I wish to point out, that like any other member of the public, I have my reasons for attending Longford Swimming Pool, and am perfectly entitled to do so in peace as a paid up member.

I am a very careful, considerate swimmer and am well known and liked among both patrons and staff. Last Friday I pointed out a number of things to David Sheridan David Sheridan David Sheridan Director Ship My Tri Bike Ship My Tri Bike Suite 17, Redleaf House, Townspark, Co. Longford, Ireland 0 (083)3068781,+Townparks,+Longford/@53.7242402,-7.8034786,15z/ , the main one being that I am entitled to use the facilities without feeling that spurious complaints may be made against me for no reason, or my character being called into question.

As of yet, I have no answer to the questions I asked. These are:

  1. What is it exactly, that I'm supposed to have done wrong?
  2. How should I "change my behaviour" so as to avoid the reaction got?
  3. What reason is there (if any) to believe that whatever happened wasn't accidental?

How dare you make assertions about me, that I was engaged in bullying and verbally abusive behaviour. If you bothered to establish facts, the verbal abuse was TOWARDS me, and judging by your letter, so is the bullying. It looks like a stitch-up.

I pointed out as well, that (one week later), the situation is now unfair to me, and shouldn't be left hanging without having these questions answered. Where is my chance to respond? Then your letter arrives.

Of all people, you ought to be perfectly aware of my views on the shortcomings of how the swimming pool is organised, an extra lane on this occasion may have eased "congestion". To date, you have been blatantly indifferent to feedback and suggestions, your responses have been insulting to my intelligence. With that in mind, you will also understand why my tolerance towards you has a low threshold. To receive such an ill-informed, threatening and arrogant letter before giving me any chance to respond is no higher a standard than what I've come to expect.

It's not as if these supposed "incidents" (trivial accidents) don't happen between swimmers every day of the week, including to me, and including since the complaint. Did I complain? Why would I, over an accident and if I wasn't hurt?

I would recommend that you keep the cap on your pen until you make genuine efforts to establish facts before defaming innocent swimmers, going for a swim about their business. Current personal circumstances are such, that I would ordinarily leave correspondence such as this in an envelope for 24 hours before sending, but will forego that step on this occasion, as I'd be affording you a courtesy by doing so, that you have clearly not afforded me.

I demand that you apologise for your disgraceful correspondence immediately and restart your thinking giving me the "presumption of innocence" that I'm entitled to.

Dan Rooney