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Declaration / Anti-Reference

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anti-reference from Mary Denneny


At 12:29 Mel McWeeney came in, Signed in Walked up Hall. He Must looked into pool, and came Back to me Mary Sheridan Denneny Mary Denneny Duty Manager 086 070619 Longford Sports and Leisure Centre County Longford Sports and Leisure Centre Public Sports Facility The Mall Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3346536 043 3346431 1 and said "Was it the Woman in pool who sticted me up. I said I did not know, he also said that it was between Woman in the lane and David David Sheridan David Sheridan Director Ship My Tri Bike Ship My Tri Bike Suite 17, Redleaf House, Townspark, Co. Longford, Ireland 0 (083)3068781,+Townparks,+Longford/@53.7242402,-7.8034786,15z/ that Stiched me up, and was thinking of not joining again.
Before Mel came in floring asked me was Mel in as she was try to avoid him,

anti-reference from Mary Denneny

Mel McWeeney is a member for past number of years. Everytime he comes in, he take's over they lane and not one member of public will swim in lane with him. Everyone goes into other lane. He swim's in middle. He can be runed to Children + Adults.

Steam Room he has his own sit and " no-ONe is allowed to sit on it, and if he comes in to steam Room and someone has his seat, they Brian Gorman Brian Gorman Carpenter, Joiner Lough Rynn Gatehouse Bed and Breakfast Lough Rynn Gatehouse B&B Rynn Mohill Co. Leitrim Ireland (086)8568284,-7.850177,17z 50 would have to get up.

Mary Denneny