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Complaint details

Dear Mr. McWeeney

I refer to my letter to you dated 19th July, 2012 and your response received in writing on 24th July, 2012. The Swimming Pool Management have considered your written response. You have requested that you be given details of what exactly you are supposed to have done. You then proceed in your letter to describe the incidents as trivial incidents and abrasively criticise me for raising these issues with you.

In accordance with your request I now set out the history of the case as reported yo myself and I request that you consider same and let me have your response in due course:-

Early 2012

You were involved in an incident in the Pool with another member. You were swimming in the lane and you tried to cut off a female swimmer by overtaking her and then cutting in front of her obstructing her swim. You then stated that you were swimming in the middle of the lane. The lady's husband was present and saw this incident. There was a verbal argument between you and him. The lady alleged that you were bullying her in the lane and verbally threatened her as well. The lifeguard on deck Sharon Treacy brought this incident to the attention of David Sheridan. She had seen the arguement but not the bullying incident. David Sheridan David Sheridan David Sheridan Director Ship My Tri Bike Ship My Tri Bike Suite 17, Redleaf House, Townspark, Co. Longford, Ireland 0 (083)3068781,+Townparks,+Longford/@53.7242402,-7.8034786,15z/ Centre Assistant manager states:- " I went down to the Pool area and I spoke to both men Mel McWeeney and and the other man. Mr. Atkins was very upset that Mel McWeeney had threatened his wife and was bullying that it is a public facility and that people might bump into each other by accident. I encouraged them not to be agressive reminding both that they are of good character and they shook hands and apologised to each other "


Brian Gorman Brian Gorman Brian Gorman Carpenter, Joiner Lough Rynn Gatehouse Bed and Breakfast Lough Rynn Gatehouse B&B Rynn Mohill Co. Leitrim Ireland (086)8568284,-7.850177,17z 50 of Rynn, Mohill, Co. Leitrim, makes written complaint about you bullying in the swimming pool. See detailed letter attached.


Florrie Geelan gives a hand-written complaint to the Swimming pool stating that " I was swimming in the mall Swimming Pool in Longford. I got kicked twice by a man with no manners. When I left the pool I went into the Steam Room. The same man came in and tried to bully me so I left. I only came in for a swim which I always enjoy but today this man made it impossible. Thank you. "

David states " This lady gave me this letter by hand. Her name is Florrie Geelan from Newtownforbes. On this very same day, I met Mel McWeeney in the swimming pool and I invited him into the office with another member of staff, Mr. Barry Hall, Duty Manager. I told him that I had received a written complaint about him. I told him that this was the second written complaint that I had received in the past few months and that I was going to look into the matter. He left suggesting that Florrie Geelan was a very rude woman and he felt that he was the victim. I told him I would have to look into the matter. Later Mel approached the lady and tried to apologise but she declined to shake his hand "


The Pool Authorities Council write letter of warning to you.


Very vigourous and somewhat aggressive reply from you denying allegation and demanding an apology.


You approached the front desk and stated that you had sent in the letter and you referred to Florrie Geelan as a crackpot. You said this to David Sheridan and Barry Hall Barry Hall Barry Hall Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland at the desk.

Please let me have any comments you care to make in relation to these matters in writing within the next 14 days. The Pool Authority will take into account what you have to say in relation to these matters which, on the face of it, appear to be serious. Please note that it is possible that the Pool Authority may make a decision to suspend you from using the Swimming Pool and other facilities in the Centre. Before the Authority gives consideration to this, it first wishes to hear from you with any response you care to make.

Dan Rooney Dan Rooney Dan Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Longford Town Council Longford Town Council Longford Town Council 2014-06-01 Noleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Melview, Longford Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Teacher St. Mels College Longford, Ireland (043) 3346469 (043) 3346905 Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland