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First Formal Complaint

Dear Mr. Sheridan,

I have been given your details as the person to whom a formal complaint should be made about your colleague Mr. Dan Rooney Dan Rooney Dan Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Longford Town Council Longford Town Council Longford Town Council 2014-06-01 Noleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Melview, Longford Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Teacher St. Mels College Longford, Ireland (043) 3346469 (043) 3346905 Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland , while acting in the capacity of a representative of Longford County Council at Longford Sports and Leisure Centre.

As any self-respecting person of good character would do, I am absolutely determined to make amends for the damage done to my good name by my exclusion. As someone in daily attendance from the very first day, my absence is a slur in itself, suggesting that I must have done something wrong. This is totally unacceptable.

I feel no compulsion to describe my personal problems, but like any other person am entitled to escape through sport. I have been an every-day swimmer now for over 12 years, in this and other pools. In all that time I haven't had any problems until now, being on my best behaviour precisely because swimming is an essential part of my day.

Armed with logic alone, given the health and social benefits I get from swimming, it wouldn't make sense for me to do anything that would lead to it's discontinuation. I can assure you that despite Mr. Rooney's assertions, no behaviour of the manner depicted occurred.

However, his first letter (19 July 2012) already had me tried, convicted and sentenced, without one word (civil or otherwise) with me personally.

I can take responsibility for my actions only, and not those of others. The first person quoted as having a grievance against me shook hands with me on accepting that a misunderstanding occurred. This happened on the spot, and we continue to be on friendly terms. He has been asking after me on noticing my absence.

Brian Gorman's letter raises some serious concerns. It is so inarticulate that until now I didn't consider it worthy of comment.

As it's now been used against me, could I have your responses to the following:

  1. What came before this? People don't prepend a first correspondence with "re: ".
  2. Before mentioning my name, he complains about
    • people (in the plural) assaulting him under cover of water.
    • These PEOPLE become one PERSON who's a regular swimmer unknown to him.
  3. How could this be taken as a complaint against me, if that possibility is implicitly excluded?
  4. Even if this idiotic nonsense were to be taken seriously, then what good would "cover of water" be, in a building monitored by CCTV?

As has been pointed out in earlier letters, the other complainant, Florrie Geelan refused to shake my hand or accept any apology for the slightest of accidental contact. Had I had a choice of times, I would have avoided times when she attended, just to avoid her ongoing rudeness spanning months. I don't believe I am the only subject of her complaints.

I am not the type of person who complains except in exceptional circumstances. In my letter of 20 Oct 2012, I raised the issue of being kicked myself. Anecdotally this person has been idenfitied to me, but as I SPECIFICALLY asked, I want confirmation of who this was, as it will reveal a lot about sub-agendas.

Throughout all this time, I've had

  • no impartiality,
  • no presumption of innocence,
  • no right to reply and
  • no access to fair procedure.

In October 2012, I specifically asked David Sheridan David Sheridan David Sheridan Director Ship My Tri Bike Ship My Tri Bike Suite 17, Redleaf House, Townspark, Co. Longford, Ireland 0 (083)3068781,+Townparks,+Longford/@53.7242402,-7.8034786,15z/ to forward an email archive of correspondence to date, to ALL members of the board. He replied that he'd forwarded it "to Dan who is dealing with it".

This suggests that impartial eyes would never see it, and is of great concern.

Certain members of the board approached me to let me know that they were NOT present at this meeting. My related questions are:

  1. Who WAS in attendance?
  2. What (if any) of the emailed correspondence had they seen?

I'm sure you appreciate my absolute determination to have this injustice corrected. I consider myself to be the victim of gross misconduct and abuse of position by (at minimum but not limited to) Mr. David Sheridan and Mr. Dan Rooney.

I expect and demand I trust you will give this formal complaint it's due urgency and negate the need for further escalation.