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What's the hold up?

Dear Mr. Sheridan, Francis Sheridan Frank Sheridan Francis Sheridan Longford County Council Longford County Council Longford County Council Great Water Street Longford Co. Longford N39 NH56 Ireland 043 3343000 Longford Sports and Leisure County Longford Sports and Leisure Centre Public Sports Facility The Mall Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3346536 043 3346431 1 Longford County Library Longford County Library Longford County Library Town Centre Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3340727

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 11 Apr 2013. This is now three weeks ago, and I am having reservations regarding the timeline. While I do realise that I have asked quite a number of questions, I would have expected that by now I would have answers to at least some of these, with the others to follow. In many cases I have indicated where answers could be immediately obtained.

I do understand that there may be legal difficulties involved in answering certain questions, but would consider it a measure of goodwill if those questions which don't pose such difficulties were answered. I would also consider it to be a goodwill gesture if the disciplinary procedures at the applicable time were posted to me, negating the need to seek these through external processes such as Freedom of Information.

Should it be the case that no questions can be answered due to legal implications, I would be motivated to act so as to take this into account, as I could only conclude that the delays are to the benefit of the perpetrators.

The accusations that have been made have caused me great distress and made me the subject of urban myth within my own town. I have been brought up to believe that if you don't do anything wrong, you don't get into trouble, and this has been the case until now. Don't underestimate how offensive it is, that people who should never consider such matters, are deciding for themselves whether or not I would have done what has been depicted.

The longer this situation remains unresolved, the more cemented this slur becomes in the public mind. With this in mind, I trust you will act with appropriate urgency.