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Letter "mislaid"

Dear Spt. Shiels,

Please find enclosed a copy of my previous correspondence, delivered by hand on Sunday afternoon 23rd to Longford Garda Station. I understand that the original letter was mislaid.

Since then, while organising documents, I discovered that the membership I held was a six month student membership, purchased on October 5th 2012 for €140. This is still the price quoted on You will see from the dates that I was only allowed to avail of half of this membership. As the Terms and Conditions of membership contain no facility for a compliant member to have a membership terminated in such a manner as mine was, I consider myself to be the victim of theft.

The Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act at, defines theft as 6.—(1) A person who dishonestly, with the intention of making a gain for himself or herself or another, or of causing loss to another, by any deception induces another to do or refrain from doing an act is guilty of an offence. A loss has been caused to me of three months of membership. I want this reinstated.

The primary issues here are about my civil rights to lawfully go about my day, and the right to my good name which has been damaged. As a result, I would not accept a cash payment in lieu of lost membership as a settlement, and wish to press charges against Mr. Dan Rooney Dan Rooney Dan Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Longford Town Council Longford Town Council Longford Town Council 2014-06-01 Noleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Melview, Longford Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Teacher St. Mels College Longford, Ireland (043) 3346469 (043) 3346905 Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland and his facilitators for theft. I would appreciate your feedback and advice.