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Dear Inspector Nicholson,

I am deeply dissatisfied with the response to date to my recent registered letter to the Garda Commissioner. The intention at the time was to have all issues raised in my letter of 22 Jun 2013 fully addressed.

Two standard letters and about five weeks later, I finally met with Community Policing on Wednesday 12 Feb 2014 at Longford Garda Station. I have no issue with Community Policing and resent that they were deployed by you to avoid addressing me yourself.

Contrary to the position you outlined in your correspondence of 05 Dec 2013, this dispute DOES relate to An Garda Siochana as of the time of my meeting with the retired Superintendent, Denis Shiels on 24 Jul 2013.

At this meeting, there was no apology for the

  • "mislaid" correspondence,
  • no reference to the misidentification of the Garda who attended the mall,
  • no impartiality, and most importantly,
  • no answers provided to me.

The Superintendent in my opinion, did everything possible to protect Mr. Dan Rooney Dan Rooney Dan Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Longford Town Council Longford Town Council Longford Town Council 2014-06-01 Noleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney Noeleen Rooney (043)3341470 Knockahaw, Dublin Road, Longford Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Janet McWeeney Melview, Longford Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Padraic McWeeney Teacher St. Mels College Longford, Ireland (043) 3346469 (043) 3346905 Scoil Eimear Scoil Eimear Longford, Ireland (043) 3341188 Longford Swimming Club Longford Swimming Club The Mall, Longford, Ireland regardless of the facts, and intended to deter me from pursuing the matter further.

For those reasons, I conclude that he voluntarily involved himself in a civil matter, on the side opposing me.

It would appear from your correspondence of 05 Dec 2013 to my solicitor, that you are providing continuity to the Superintendent's position.

I am particularly incensed and insulted that you direct me to the precise perpetrator of the malevolent complaint, to establish it's nature, when it's already on your desk.

Having done nothing wrong, and having made every effort to diplomatically establish the facts, I now, for the last time, request that the following criteria are addressed by you in writing:

  • An acknowlegment and acceptance that the complaint of 25 Mar 2013 made by Mr. Dan Rooney was indeed malevolent.
  • A full description of the nature of this complaint, which I believe I am entitled to.
  • Confirmation of the geographical bounds of the area from which I had/have been restricted, at the Mall Complex.
  • Confirmation that there are no blemishes recorded against my character at Longford Garda Station or on Pulse.
  • An apology for your failure to personally take responsibility for the MONTHS of upset your correspondence has caused.
  • An apology for directing me to the perpetrator for answers, and for your failure to take any action against him.
Should the above not be addressed to my satisfaction within 10 working days, I intend to refer the matter without further notice to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission with whom I've already spoken.