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Archive as it's been transcribed to date site.logo undefined Mel McWeeney

Archive as it's been transcribed to date

От кого: Mel McWeeney
Кому: gwarnock <>

Hi Gerry Gerry Warnock Gerry Warnock 11 Beech Lane, Prospect Woods Longford Co. Longford Ireland 087 9663562

Thanks for taking my call this morning. As you can see, this has gone on quite a while. This archive was downloaded from a cloud service where I've uploaded them.

It is work-in-progress so many of the links need clean-up.

John Browne has a slightly older version so I'll copy him.

I will continue to transcribe and publish until everything is in the cloud.

This is for the good of my own safety, my good name and the public interest.

Thanks again