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Longford Sports and Leisure,
The Mall,

cc: Sharon McAree, Siobhan Tighe.

Dear Mary,

I refer to correspondence sent on behalf of Longford Sports and Leisure on 15th September 2015 and co-signed by both Barry Hall and Sharon McAree. I understand that Barry Hall no longer performs these duties and that the current Duty Manager is you. This is convenient, because what I wish to address pertains directly to yourself, and you need fear no repurcussions from more senior collegues should you now speak the truth.

I want to put to you, your role in the events of January 2013, which caused a wrongful decision to be taken to exclude me from the facility, and deny me three months of a six month membership. In correspondence on 20th October 2012 and in a formal complaint to Francis Sheridan I mentioned instances of being kicked three to four times whenever I met a particular swimmer coming in the opposite direction.

On the second of those days, you Mary Sheridan Denneny Mary Denneny Duty Manager 086 070619 Longford Sports and Leisure Centre County Longford Sports and Leisure Centre Public Sports Facility The Mall Longford Co. Longford Ireland 043 3346536 043 3346431 1 were on duty and were quickly on the scene when I tried to get attention so that the kicking would stop. You were very clear that I should not raise my voice as I did to say "oi". You were adament that the sun was in this swimmers' eyes, and that she had apologised. I heard no apology. You insisted that you knew everything relevant about the incident.

On leaving that day, I stopped at the desk and spoke to you. I asked if you were aware of what had happened a month previous. You weren't. I asked "which sun" was in that swimmers' eyes. You looked puzzled so I clarified: Was it the sun shining in through that window, or the one shining through that wall. This swimmer has been informally identified to me, and I know you know who she is. Can you finally have the honesty to name her now?

I remind you as well, that on the day I was removed from the building by the Gardai, the call was made by none other than yourself. It is time now to explain for the record, who or what prevented you from doing the right thing.

Finally, and as stated to Barry Hall and Sharon McAree previously, I will relentlessly pursue the vindication of my good name, as I've been doing, until such time as the truth of these matters is known, and the matter is resolved to my satisfaction.