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Dear Stewart,

I refer to your response below in relation to my complaint against the Office of the Ombudsman which I still regard as ongoing as it continues to have everyday consequences for me personally, up to and including today.

Subsequent to that correspondence, there were protracted efforts on my behalf to establish what allegations I had been expected to rebut. Despite repeated efforts, I was never supplied with the information sought, and as a result, did not give my consent to the appeal taking place until such time as it had.

Against my wishes, the appeal proceeded anyway. Unsurprisingly the appeal was not upheld, and the false narrative that I have done something wrong still prevails. This is totally unacceptable. Equally unsurprising is that there is no mention of my case in any of the Annual reports available on the site of the Office of the Ombudsman. Peter Tyndall Peter Tyndall Office of the Ombudsman Irish Office of the Ombudsman The Irish Ombudsman Office of the Information Commissioner Standards in Public Office Commission Investigates complaints about public officials. 18 Lower Leeson Street Dublin D02 HE97 Ireland (1890)253238 (01)6395689 (01)6395674 (01)6395676 Dáil Éireann The Government of Ireland Kildare Street Dublin Ireland

On your site, I have visited and noted as below: this link and noted as below:

3. Right to access your personal details

You can also ask the data controller to inform you of any opinions given about you, unless the data controller considers that the opinions are confidential. Even in such cases, your right to such information will usually be greater than the right of the person who gave this opinion in private. This right does not apply, however, in a small number of cases where it could harm certain interests - for example when someone is investigating an offense.

As discussed in a telephone conversation with Matthew at your office Office of the Data Protection Commissioner Irish Data Protection Commissioner Investigates complaints about misuse of data Station Road Portarlington Co. Laois Ireland on 4th April 2016 in relation to this, I was advised that now that no investigation is currently in progress, there should be no loophole remaining by which I should be denied of whatever they hold on file about me.

I have sworn an affidavit since the conclusion of the appeal, verifying that my version of events is correct. As pointed out below, this equally asserts that any "diametrically opposing versions of events" is by definition false.

I believe that I have done all that has been reasonably possible to have false narratives about me corrected, and would be happy to provide you with a copy of this affidavit should you require it.

Meanwhile I would appreciate if you could now take over the task of establishing what has been alleged about me, as the Office of the Ombudsman have consistently shown no interest in establishing the truth.