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Standard letter, wrong date

Hi Ciara,

I have received what looks like a standard letter acknowledging receipt of my Freedom of Information request from Longford Co. Council.

However, they claim to have received this on 16th January 2017, and allocated it a corresponding reference number 17 (11) LCC.

The council's acknowledgment states that I am

entitled to appeal... within 4 weeks
which I am not interested in doing, given their contempt for me, and for the law, which requires acknowledgement within two weeks (10 working days) and reply within four weeks (twenty working days).

Four weeks means four weeks, not four weeks unless someone is out sick, not four weeks unless you're busy and not four weeks unless Christmas is coming, so they are already in breach and have broken the law as things presently stand.

I recently visited the site of the Information Commissioner, and downloaded and read the most relevant sections of the 2014 Act. I would very much appreciate any possible advice or referral you could give with the goal of prosecution and/or sanction against the non-responders.

I will be advised by my solicitor when I have all possible relevant materials in advance.